Let’s face it. Our world is getting smaller by the day and along with that inevitable trend, so are living spaces for many of us.

This has never been truer than for those who chose or need to live in a city or a metro area. It’s also true for those who have made a choice to live the simplified Tiny House and/or Minimalist lifestyle. Incorporating living features in your home that do double duty makes sense. It goes a long way to help achieve the goal of living a simpler more productive and happier lifestyle. With that in mind I want to address one of the most important spaces in your home. The Kitchen. , so are living spaces for many of us.

People say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and most folks believe it’s true. The kitchen is the hub of the home for most. It is where we create our meals. It is also a special happy place where friends and families gather for fellowship and to break bread. The kitchen has become even more essential to the smaller, simpler Minimalist lifestyle.

Eliminating formal dining rooms is essential to small space design. The Eat-in kitchen is here to stay. While kitchen bars have long been a popular option, they still take up a lot of precious space. There has to be a more efficient solution.

Sometimes cutting-edge solutions are found in old-school common sense. This approach is proven when it comes to Murphy Furniture. A well-designed Murphy Dinette can take up less than 2 cubic feet of space in the upright position. Murphy Dinettes have zero footprint. Many Murphy Dinettes feature storage space that double as a kitchen cabinet. You can store your condiments, dishware, utensils and dry goods inside. They are readily at hand when in dining use and out of sight when closed. A Compact Murphy Dinette can seat 2-3 and a larger unit up to 5.

The bad news is that this type of specialty Murphy Furniture can be hard to find. The good news is that where there is a demand, there is usually a creative entrepreneur there to fill it for you. If you need an awesome Murphy Dinette, Clint Gray at Original Woodcraft has your solution.

Clint recently launched his new Murphy Furniture Store on the new Amazon Handmade Division. He is the third of four generations of Master Woodworkers. His company, Original Woodcraft has a 100-year legacy of traditional American craftsmanship. The Gray family creed is based on a commitment to function melded with beauty in design and emphasizes the delivery of 5-Star quality in workmanship. Clint signs each piece after having created it by hand especially for you.